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97% of all teachers and administrators agreed that having all of their classroom applications unified in one place would allow them to spend less time on administrative activities and more time on education in the classroom.

What is the Unified Classroom?

A comprehensive, best-in-class single platform for all teaching and learning activities designed specifically for K-12

PowerSchool is redefining technology in the classroom. Where traditionally, multiple products spanned different areas of education, such as an LMS, an SIS, assessment tools, etc., PowerSchool offers a single, unified platform for all classroom, instruction, assessment, and student data needs.


PowerSchool LEARNING


Benefits of a Single Platform


With everything in one platform, schools not only achieve efficiency, but so do teachers, students, and parents. Stop using multiple logins and systems, and start benefiting from a cohesive, unified platform. Our platform is also scalable, great for any size school or district.


Because of our clean user interface and intuitive, easy-to-use platform, schools can achieve high adoption rates, particularly for classroom and learning management.


In a single glance, understand instantly what's going on in the classroom. View most recent assessment results, see class standards progress, view task summaries, see assignment statuses, and easily identify any red flags, such as standards the class has failed to master.

Unlike other providers...


At PowerSchool, we're putting everything into one platform to make the education experience better. Not all ed tech providers are actually one platform.


In its first year as a standalone company, PowerSchool has acquired several best-in-class solutions to form a best-in-class unified platform. Rather than building our own, we went straight to industry leaders, so you can have confidence in excellent technology.


From a tight correlation between instruction and curriculum, to formative and summative assessments, to using responsive instruction, to accurately reporting, PowerSchool makes it significantly easier for schools to implement best practices in education.

The Classroom At-a-glance

Get an instant view of how classes are performing, where they are struggling, and empower teachers to adjust instruction in real time.

PowerSchool pulls from multiple data sources to give teachers a real-time understanding of their classes and students. Our easy navigation means it's quick to drill down and explore tasks, missed assignments, student performance, student history, and more.

PowerSchool seamlessly manages both standards-based and traditional grading methods in one comprehensive solution to manage grading, assignments, attendance, and the classroom. Manage tasks more efficiently and effectively than ever before, freeing up significant time to spend with your students.

Easily adjust instruction & assessment

Drive student growth by first understanding student and class performance, then adjusting instruction, content, assessments, assignments, and interventions.

Drill down on student performance data and longitudinal student data to understand student and class weaknesses, then explore why students might be struggling. Based on data analysis, adjust instruction to help drive student growth.

Since our system pulls from multiple data sources and makes data easy to understand, teachers and administrators can have confidence in making instruction and curriculum decisions. In just a few clicks, teachers can easily implement responsive instruction and differentiated instruction, as well as interventions if necessary.

Collaborate & communicate with ease

Empower students to collaborate on projects, teachers to collaborate on instruction, and parents to understand what's going on.

Our unified classroom platform fosters collaboration on multiple levels. Students can collaborate with students on projects and assignments using WikiProjects. Our internal communication system means students, teachers, and parents can communicate without email.

Teachers can collaborate and share class content, instruction ideas, class pages, and more across schools and districts. Teachers can easily create new content, assessments, or assignments for their students and can pull from items other teachers or administrators have already created.

Simplify classroom management

Streamline administrative tasks, gain efficiency, and spend more time on instruction using a single platform.

The PowerSchool platform has the robust functionality of our best-in-class platforms: our student information system, formative assessment, learning management system, longitudinal analytics, and our 21st-century gradebook, PowerTeacher Pro. Download our flyer for more on PowerTeacher Pro.

All together, our platform covers attendance, schedules, assessments, assignments and class content, student and class data analysis, blended and digital learning, internal communication, parent and student mobile apps, and general classroom management, such as seating assignments.

Build student & parent engagement

Get notifications about grades and assignments to visually see student progress in real time.

Students get real-time access to their grades and assignments at their fingertips on a platform they connect with. Empower them to understand their learning and performance, building engagement and helping them to take ownership of their learning.

Parents can see how their students are doing at school, helping to build relationships with teachers, and helping parents to understand what qualifies as skill mastery. Give them real-time insights into performance to empower them to better support and help their child(ren).

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Excitement for a unified classroom

Jay McPhail
Assistant Superintendent of Innovation & Instructional Support
Fullerton School District, CA

"Adding an innovative learning management system to uniquely form a unified solution of education technology products into a single platform proves PowerSchool's dedication to powering school operations, empowering teachers, and driving student growth. We are proud to partner with an innovative organization focused on improving instruction and learning in the classroom."

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